About the Cabaret.....

The Winton Club has an annual Cabaret show hosted for one week, usually the last week in January at the Winchester Town Hall.  A Winton Club member is asked by  the club president to be the producer and to take on this important endeavor.  Each year there is a new title and theme for the show chosen by the producer.  Along with the creative team and all of the supporting Winton committee members, the show takes form and is created. Plans for the event takes at least nine months and begins right after the close of the previous Cabaret show.  Other than the director, music director, lighting & sound team, and choreographer, all committees are members of the Winton Club. The stage crew is a group of men related to the club members through marriage, family and/ or friendship.  Open auditions bring community involvement to participate in the fundraiser event.  The Cabaret is enjoyed by audiences from throughout the surrounding communities supporting our anual fundraiser event!

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