Winton Club Welcome Tea

The Welcome Tea held at the vintage home of Rebecca Brennan-Laird hosted five new members and one returning member. Members mingled with old friends and new while enjoying delicious sweet and savory treets provided by the Membership Committee.  Captured in still life by our fabulous Publicity and Newsletter Chairs, Lauren Costello and Carol Watson as well as  Bill Ryerson, our “on the scene” photographer were snapshots of the New Members, the 2020 100th Cabaret Chairs, the 2018-19 Winton Club Board and scores of candid photos of members catching up with one another. It was truly a great afternoon!  Thanks to all of you who helped put this together and to all of you who came to enjoy a beautiful Spring afternoon with friends!

New Members, Proposers and Sponsors

Karen Anderson: Estelle Lolos & Becky Kuhlman

Susan Casalinuovo: Kim Dowel & Barbara Oddo

Kathy Howard: Diane Rae and Carol Watson

Cindy Kelley: Cheryl Condon & Judy Myhra-Tonello

Katherine McGondel: Mary Ducharme & Anne Spies

Left to right: Karen, Kate, Kathy, Susan and Cindy

Mary Norton, Karen Anderson, Estelle Lolos

                                                                            Diane Rae, Kathy Howard, Carol Watson

Susan Casalinuovo, Kim Dowel

Mary Ducharme, Kate McGondel, Anne Spies

Cindy Kelley, Cheryl CondonThe Winton Club announces 2020's 100th Cabaret producers:

left to right: Gayle O'Grady, Phyllis Gleason, Berta Swanson, honorary producer,

and President, Margaret Bertochi

Below: Berta Swanson, Producer for Winton's 50th, 75th, AND 100th Cabaret!!!!

Winton Women who Lunch!

Minuteman Culinary School

February 8th

Our Gracious Hostess, Mary Norton   


                                             Many thanks to our gracious                                                               hostess, Mary Norton!

Estelle Lotos & Julia Dobbelaar


                                                     Mary Chmielowiec, Marcia ( Mary's neighbor), Mary,  &   Linda Talanian

                    Jennie Lou Brockman

                 & Betsey Spiller

                        Ladies at Lunch  


Linda Talansian's sister, Barbara & Ellen Wilson


Carol Watson and Mary

Valentine treats for us all!


Winton Club thanks the sponsors and audience for their support in making "Heavenly" and the Winton Club's mission to support Winchester Hospital a success in 2019.

Winton Club Cabaret 2019 - A GREAT success -

Congratulations to Cathy Wrotny and all her committees.

The Winton Club  2019 Annual Cabaret Fundraiser, “Heavenly”, was Tuesday, January 29th - Saturday, February 2nd.  The Winton Cabaret is a great tradition and always a fun night out in Winchester. The Winton Club is a non-profit volunteer women’s service organization exclusively supporting Winchester Hospital in service and fundraising activities. 

Scenes from the Cabaret





Shopping at Mahoney's

November 22nd

10% of our total purchase price went to Cabaret!



November 7th 

Succulent Terrariums

Many thanks to Melissa Kramer for organizing the event

and Julie Glauniger for hostessing.


The Winton Club presented An Evening with Meredith Goldstein: 

An Open Conversation 

A one-night Fundraising event 

on behalf of Winchester Hospital

On October 10th

Meredith Goldstein, advice columnist of  "Love Letters" and feature reporter for The Boston Globe, author of  Can't Help Myself: Lessons & Confessions from a Modern Advice Columnist, a Memoir, entertained and charmed our audience of over 50 people. Thank you to all who supported the event.



hosted at 

Studio on the Common

August 15th, 2018

Thank you to everyone for attending and supporting the night's event on behalf of the 

Winton Club: especially, Gail Freeman, proprietor of "Studio on the Common", 

along with her sister Kathy, TrishLiv, Hanna, Jess Clara, & Jeannie. 

What a team ladies!
 Also, "thank you" to Northmark Bank and The Wine Cellar of Stoneham for their generous donations and support.

Click here for more pictures.


The Winton Club gavel is transferred from outgoing President Deb Ciarcia to 

incoming President Margaret Bertochi

     Thank you Deb and Congratulations Margaret!

The Winton Club makes a donation of $115,000 to Winchester Hospital

President Deb Ciarcia hands over the check to Chairman of the Board Winchester Hospital, Paul Andrews

            A fantastic contribution thanks to all of the remarkable work and dedication of the entire Club!

The Winton Club 2018 donation is for two specific projects, which are: 

B2 Swing Space Room and A Caring Place.  



                          The Winton Club presents "Spring into Pink"

"An Informative, Interactive, Fun Night" 

How to stay Fit and Fabulous throughout your Life.

Thank you to everyone for your support. See you next Spring!


Dr. Gloria Korta, Dr. Rick Weiner, CEO, CMO, Winchester Hospital ,

Dr. Helene Feiler, and Deb Ciarcia, The Winton Club President


Listen to Deb Ciarcia - President of Winton Club talk about

The Winton Club on WINCAM ~ Winchesters own Local Network




April 1st: General Meeting: Winchester Hospital, CC1 Conference Room  7 pm

May 22nd: Annual Luncheon, Winchester Country Club, 11:30 a.m.

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