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Your resource for wigs, prosthesis, head coverings and much more!

The Winton Club organization has been very supportive with donations to "A Caring Place" since April 2007.


A Caring Place, located at Winchester Hospital's Center for Cancer Care, is a retail store offering products and specialized consultation services for patients following medical treatments or procedures, such as wigs and prostheses.

We are located in the new Winchester Hospital Cancer Center .  We encourage patients to visit the store before their treatment or surgery to give them peace of mind that the products will be ready when they need them.

Many times patients insurance does not cover needed products and patients are unable to pay for one more cost with all of their medical bills. An example is that wigs are not covered under Medicare.

Through the generous donations made by Winton Club we are able to provide the products needed to our patients who other wise would not have been able to receive this support. Below are stories from some of the patients we have served in the past year.

- Madeline, is a 50 yr old woman with Mass Health not working, battling breast cancer and bi-lateral mastectomy. Struggling with bills and was resigned to going without any product due to cost. She was overjoyed that we were able to help her.

- Ellen, is a 55 yr old woman recovering from breast cancer in the recent past but now has issues with Lymphedema. Undergoing PT and has several other related co-pays. Was in need of sleeve and glove and was concerned about the building bills.  She was very thankful for this help.

- Kathleen is a 50 yr old in need of compression sleeve but health plan would not cover. She had mounting bills causing anxiety. This was an unexpected cost she had not planned for. She was very thankful for the help.

- Donna needed breast prosthesis and bras. Her insurance will not cover the product. 55 yr old struggling to pay her bills and had been using a very old prosthesis that was being held together with tape and did not fit her. Also, bras she was using were too small and very uncomfortable but she had no other choices. Looks wonderful now and is amazed that she is actually comfortable


We have also provided wigs for several patients who were not able to pay for them.

These are just some of the examples of the many patients we are able to help.  We are able to provide their needs in a timely fashion which relieves stress and anxiety at a difficult time for them.


The Winton Club donations continue to support many of our patients who receive treatment which results in hair loss of surgery which results in the need for prosthetics. On behalf of "A Caring Place" and all of our staff we are greatful with the continued support of the Winton Club.



Susan E. Powers RNMS

Associate Director, Center for Healthy Living


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