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Hi everyone!

My name is Rosemary McCormack and I am delighted and honored to be the Producer of the Winton Club's 2016 Cabaret. Not only am I proud to be a Winton Club member for over 8 years, but I have been a Winchester Hospital employee for 14 years.


I am the Rehabilitation Manager for Winchester Hospital's Homecare Department.  I have seen firsthand how the Winton Club's fund raising efforts have positively impacted our patients in areas from Maternal Child Health to Elder Care. Our five night Cabaret event has helped to fund programs, equipment and renovations over the years. I am both humbled and excited to be at the helm of our Club's largest fund raising event.


How did I pick this year's theme "Color the Night"?

January in New England can be cold, dark and gloomy. Since 2007, when I was in my first Winton Cabaret show, my January nights have been colored with song, laughter, dance, light, friendship and pride of raising funds for Winchester Hospital. I am so fortunate this year to have a creative team that is ready to put together a bright, fun, fast paced show. We are so lucky that composers and artists have written beautiful songs dedicated to a palette of colors.


So whether you join us as a sponsor, patron, or advertiser or as a member of the cast or audience, we hope to color your nights this January at the Winton Cabaret.  Thank you for your support of Winchester Hospital.


“Color the Night

Show Synopsis


True colors will burst onto the stage at the 2016 Winton Club Cabaret to benefit Winchester Hospital. “Color the Night will take you on a musical journey through a kaleidoscope of color evoking emotions of good times and places where the grass is always greener.  You will reminisce about blue moons and pink Cadillac’s, as well as sing along to tunes about red balloons, yellow ribbons and patriotic fireworks. This fun, fast paced production will have your feet tapping, fingers drumming and voices humming to the beat long after the finale.

Cabaret performance dates are January 26-30, 2016 at Winchester Town Hall, Winchester, MA. Please visit our website to learn more about Cabaret updates, donations and sponsorships. 




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