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The Cabaret 2019 Corporate Sponsorship package includes six giving levels:


Cabaret Underwriter, Cabaret Circle, Presenting Sponsors, Evening Sponsors, Platinum Sponsors, and Production Partners.  Each level offers pre-show, show-night, and post-show advertising and public relations, web-site exposure, complimentary tickets and other benefits.  


Established in 1911, the Winton Club - with its volunteer membership of more than 200 women - has joined forces with key community partners and business organizations to raise over $3 million for Winchester Hospital.  Funds raised have supported special gifts and programs, as well as purchases of vital equipment and supplies for the hospital.  Recipients of Winton Club funds include Digital Mammography, Emergency Department renovations, A Caring Place (women’s boutique with services and products to aid breast cancer patients), The Center for Cancer Care at 620 Washington Street.  Notably, in 2010, the Club fulfilled its five year $500,000 pledge to the Cancer Care Center.


 Our recent projects have been:

2011:  $100,000 donation to the Healing Garden at the Center for Cancer Care and a $10,000 donation to A Caring Place.


2012: $100,000 donation to the Community for Healthy Living’s Pediatric Asthma Program (CHAMP), $25,000 to assist in the renovations at the hospital on B2 level, and $10,000 to  A Caring Place.

2013: $120,000 donation to the Ambulatory Surgery Center (Patient and Family Waiting area), and $10,000 to help maintain A Caring Place. 


2014: $120,000 total donation with $75,000 to the Winchester Hospital Family Medical Center, located in Wilmington, MA, $30,000 to NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders), a training program for nurses delivering compassionate care to patients 65 years+, $5,000 to the Ambulatory Surgery Center, and a $10.000 donation to A Caring Place.


2015: $123,000 total donation funded five projects. $75,000 for renovations of Dr. Jon and Sunny Adler Medical Unit that offers high quality medical care to patients with significant health challenges; $23,000 to NICHE; $10,000 for Music therapy program; $10,000 for Outpatient Lactation program; and $5,000 to A Caring Place.


2016: $123,000 total donation funded five projects:  Mother Baby Unit renovations, Home Care Telehealth programs, NICHE, Music therapy, and A Caring Place.

2017:   $110,000 funded four projects:   A1 Unit Renovations,  The Care Channel  (televised channel for patients offering music and a variety of calming scenes to relax and enjoy a tranquil period while in the hospital),  NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Health system Elders) and  A Caring Place    


2018:  $113,000 funded two projects:  A "Winton" Swing Room (New “swing inpatient rooms”  used for OB in the peak summer months and for Medical/Surgical beds in the winter months) and A Caring Place.

2019: $85,000 funding for two projects: six Guldman ceiling patient lifts to improve patient handling and decrease injuries to both patients and employees; A Central Station Display located in the main hub of the OR for all doctors, nurses and staff to utilize; and Continued support of "A Caring Place"


Becoming a Corporate Sponsor is a win-win situation.  Through sponsorship, a business gains effective advertising and public relations exposure while helping the Winton Club continue its long and productive tradition of giving to Winchester Hospital.


For more information contact 2020 Co-Chairs of Corporate Sponsorship Program



Donna M. Burke

Deb  Ciarcia                                                                             

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