“When I gaze at a sunset sky and spend hours contemplating its marvelous ever-changing beauty, an extraordinary emotion overwhelms me. ......To feel the supreme and moving beauty of the spectacle to which Nature invites her ephemeral guests!"    Claude Debussy

As you read the quote from Claude Debussy, I too have been mesmerized by the beauty and fury of Nature with its spectacular sunrises and sunsets, wild lightning and storm fury, full moons rising, clouds and stars and just the everyday beauty of looking at the sky and wondering about who else might be sharing this with us! The songs in this Cabaret reflect the human emotions generated by these daily spectacles and are some of my favorite songs. I hope that you too will enjoy the songs that Nature has inspired!

Welcome to the 99th Winton Club Cabaret! What a tradition of supporting our local treasure of a community hospital! This is an exceptional year both for the Winton Club and Winchester Hospital. The hospital has just received its fourth Magnet recertification. Magnet certification is the highest and most prestigious distinction a healthcare organization can receive for nursing excellence and high quality patient care which benefits the whole organization. This fourth recertification makes Winchester Hospital only one of 38 hospitals in the United States with this designation. This is an outstanding feat that only an exceptional hospital staff working together to support our patients and each other could manage. I dedicate this year’s Heavenly Cabaret to the Staff of Winchester Hospital!

The proceeds from “Heavenly” will contribute to reaching this year’s Winton Club donation goal of $100,000 which will benefit Winchester Hospital in the following ways:

  1.  The purchase of six Guldman Ceiling Lifts which will improve patient handling and decrease injuries to both employees and patients,
  2.  The purchase of The Central Station Display Monitor located in the main hub area of the OR which will monitor patient information from all rooms for staff use, and
  3.  The continuing support of A Caring Place, located in the Center for Cancer Care at 620 Washington Street, Winchester, to provide products and personalized consultation to patients undergoing cancer treatments

Thank you to Deb Ciarcia, past Winton Club President, for inviting me to be this year’s producer and starting me on this amazing journey. The journey would not be so sweet if not for my husband Walter Hubbard’s love and enthusiasm for all things Cabaret and supporting me for the past 21 years as a member of the Winton Club. Thank you to the Winton Club Board and members, who were always there to help when needed – a truly special group! And, of course, the show could not “go on” without my exceptionally talented creative team of Steve Bergman and Larry Sousa – Thank you!

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